Friday, February 9, 2018

Groomer Humor & Helpful Hints to a Happy Pet:

The holiday season is a wonderful time to give, share, and spend precious moments with the ones you cherish.

This is also a time where many of you may open your hearts to share your love with a new companion and friend. That friend very well likely is a new puppy.

There are many ways to show your new baby just how much you adore him or her. You can buy new toys, fluffy dog beds, only the best quality dog food, and all of the fun and cute accessories you can imagine.  However, with this new bundle of joy, there are a few ways to help and show just how much you truly love them.

First, taking your pet to the local veterinarian for regular check-ups, deworming, and rounds of puppy shots (vaccinations) is a must. In order to ensure that the pup does not develop any type of illnesses at a very young age this is crucial.

Second, my father, who is a DVM in Louisiana, always encourages new pet owners to limit the amount of time you spend outside with him or her. Keep your baby inside as much as possible. It may entice you to want to carry them all around town, show how cute he or she is, and truly spend as much time as possible with it, but at such a young age, until they have received all of their puppy shots your pet is much more prone to develop a sickness as opposed to an animal at a later stage in their life.

I am a dog groomer at the Coats of Many Colors Grooming Salon here locally in Warren, Arkansas. As a groomer I feel as though there are a few very useful tips to offer for all of your new pets.

Grooming is not only specific to pups with long coats. These tips can apply to any and all pets.

One recommendation I have is to obviously carry your pet to your local groomer on a regular basis.

The reason why is because…

The difference between a dog that is groomed every 4 to 6 months (or less) and a dog that is groomed every 4 to 6 weeks, is one dog thinks it is being punished, while the other thinks it’s a part of life.

Another recommendation I offer to especially new pet owners is to carefully brush your baby. This does not need to be a chore to you or your dog. For instance, whether you are sitting down, watching tv, or just cuddling with him or her in your lap, take a brush or comb and gently brush your pet. (I recommend a slicker brush which you can buy online or at your nearest pet store) This allows your puppy to grow accustomed to being brushed. It truly can be quite an enjoyable time for him or her.

I also encourage you to “play” with their feet. What I mean by this is while again, you have the puppy in your lap, just hold their feet. Gently massage their paw pads and rub them with your hands. The great thing about this tip is it allows them to get used to their paws being handled. As we know, dogs need to have their nails trimmed or buffed on a regular basis. By “playing” with their paws, it helps them be more relaxed when your groomer or veterinarian attempts to trim the toe nails.

As a vet’s daughter and groomer I want to thank you for reading my first article. I hope this information helps you and your fur-baby have a healthy and happy life.

Dogs leave paw prints on your heart <3

Til next time,
Jessi Reep
Groomer at the Coats of Many Colors Grooming Salon

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