Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mtnpride Books Announces Release of Crazy Quilt Church

Mtnpride Books of Wilmar, AR announces the release of CRAZYQUILT CHURCH, a book by Warren author Troy Lynn Pritt. The book is a sequel to LOST and FOUND also by Rev. Pritt.
"Rev. Tom Binton was pastor of a middle class suburban church. He and his wife Mary were savagely attacked by escaped convicts. Tom was left with amnesia and a brain injury that rendered him incapable of continuing as a pastor. His wife is in a wheelchair and wears a colostomy bag. They have two teenage children, Kenneth who is beginning eighth grade, and Barbara who is beginning sixth grade. They have just moved into a handicap accessible house which they are renting. The house is in a deteriorating neighborhood."
paperback, 170 pages, $12.95 plus $2.05 postage
Mtnpride Books, PO Box 212, Wilmar, AR 71675 or PayPal

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